Top Tips for an Easy Christmas!

1 Mar 2024

Planning for Christmas is always a busy time, and sometimes we put extra pressure on ourselves to make sure that everything is perfect.  Here's some of our top tips to making sure that Christmas is more magical and less stressful.

1.  Lists, Lists, Lists

Whether you prefer a notepad and pen, or a digital version like the notes app on your phone, making lists helps get you organised and helps you stick to a budget!. Set up a Gift list for each person you are buying for and stick to it.  This is especially useful for kids as it is so easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy and just buy "1 more gift".  The same goes for your food shopping.  Have a look through the hampers you are getting delivered and plan out your menu from Christmas Eve through to New Years Day, what will you need more of, what fresh items do you need.  This will also help with placing your order for the following Christmas as you'll be able to see what was missing from your list and add more hampers to make next Christmas even easier. 

2. Gift Wrapping  

Don't leave your wrapping until the last minute.  If you can, wrap your presents the same day you get them delivered/buy them.  There is nothing worse than having to wrap all your presents in one go.

3.  Plan Ahead

Getting your Chrisco order in early is a great way to get ahead on Christmas and allows you to manage your budget.  It may seem a bit crazy to order for the following year, but by planning ahead it is one less thing to worry about. Remember that by the time your order is delivered it will be all paid for, so there is no credit card bills to worry about and no interest payment or set up fees.

4. Delegate

Repeat after me,  "I do not have to do everything myself!".  Write another list of all the things you want doing around the house before Christmas Day and delegate.  Get the older kids involved in prepping the dinner, or decorating the table, make someone else responsible for nibbles and drinks.  Christmas is about spending time with your family, not being stuck in the kitchen.

5. Make Clean up Fun!

In our house there is a tradition of playing spoof to see who clears the table, who fills the dishwasher, who washes the pots etc.  it's a nice way to keep everyone around the table for a little bit longer.  Spoof is easy to play and everyone can get involved - not sure on how to play check the rules here. There are lots of other games you can play as well,  jut find something that suits your family. (Hint - those who cooked dinner are exempt from cleaning up:))

We'd love to hear your tips and tricks for a great Christmas.  You can share them on our Facebook page

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