Autumn Money Saving Tips

12 Mar 2024

Autumn Money Saving Tips

As the temperature starts to cool down traditionally bills tend to go up. Here are some money-saving tips that might help you this autumn. 

1. Switch to LED

LED lights are the new bulb on the block. Using up to 90% less energy than the old incandescent bulbs switching to LED will give you instant savings on the electricity bill. The only downside is their cost, which will require you to fork out initially, but your investment should pay off in the long-run thanks to their notably longer lifespans. 

2. Turn off appliances and shop around

Become mindful of the appliances that you are using - you will save on bills if you switch lights off in rooms you’re not using and turn electrical items off instead of leaving them on standby. Autumn is also the perfect time to compare your energy bills and look at switching providers. There are loads of simple comparison tools available to help you find the cheapest deals.

3. Have a clear-out

Don’t wait until spring to start cleaning out your house - get in early and discover the benefits of a good autumn clean. With the influx of Christmas paraphernalia, there is no better time to sort, organise, recycle, and declutter the house than the cooler Autumn months. Sell any unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree and you might even find that this will give you a head start on next Christmas’s savings.

4. Re-discover home-made meals

Summer is the season of pub-lunches and long twilight dinners, but Autumn is the perfect season for curling up at home and enjoying some classic homemade warmers. You’ll save money on eating out and you can have the leftovers for lunch, saving you even more. If you lack the inspiration to dream up dinner after a long day in the office, try making a meal planner, that way you can buy what you need in advance to avoid those costly weeknight top-up trips to the supermarket.

5. Start Christmas early

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping until December - it is never too early to start preparing for the end of year festivities. Take advantage of some of the great food and gift packages that Chrisco has to offer which allows you to secure what you need and pay it off throughout the year eliminating so much unnecessary stress and financial burden. Click here to see some of the fantastic products available Catalogues | Chrisco Hampers Website. 

6.Make nature your playground

If the kids are at a loose end, nature offers up a host of low-cost opportunities to entertain them in autumn - a time when the weather in Australia is normally not too hot, cold, wet or dry.  Make the most of the natural wonderland right on your doorstep and explore the plethora of parks, nature reserves, camping sites, beaches, and forests that this awesome country has in such abundance. 

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