Earn up to 5.5% CASH BACK on YOUR customer's orders (including your own!)

Encourage your customers to sign up early!

Check out our video & learn more about being an agent with Chrisco


It's so Easy!

Help your Friends and Family "Layaway for Christmas" with Chrisco!

  • You need 3 or more orders...   including your own   .
  • Your combined orders must be more than $900 (including your own) and paid in full by the final payment date
  • When you place your order, ask for an update on your clients to be sure they have place their order too!

How it works:

  • Talk to your friends and family about Chrisco.
  • Help them place their order, and be sure to give your agent number at time of order.
  • The customer places their order with us and we send them a confirmation. All payments must be made to Chrisco directly.
  • When bringing a new customer to Chrisco, if you ask us to mail them a catalouge , this is the REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM and NOT eligible for Cash back.
  • Customers must be NEW to Chrisco
  • You can earn up to 5% CASH or up to 5.25% Cash Back if applied to a future order!
TIEROrder Total Range% Cash Back (If paid in CASH)% Cash Back (if paid by CREDIT to future order)
1 $901 - $2900 3.00 3.50%
2 $2901 - $4900 4.00% OR 4.50%
3 $4901 or greater 5.00% OR 5.50%

For example:

Your Food Hamper Order$1,075
Your Friends Food Hamper Order $968
Your Moms Food Hamper Order $899
Total for 3 Orders $2,942
Your Cash back @ 4% $117.68

Note:  Cash Back is not earned on gift cards, electronics, or non food Hampers. This Agent program is based on per Catalogue basis. Christmas and Summer orders are NOT combined for the calculations. Customers referred under the REFER A FRIEND program as NOT eligible for Commission.

Start Fundraising with Chrisco!

Our Chrsico Agent Program is a great way to earn funds for your school, team, charity, or organization!


It's simple to get started!

You provide us with your group name and details, and we create an agent number for you. All orders will be tracked under this agent number so we can determine your fundraising commission. Tell us how many catalogues you need to get started!

You   hand out the catalogues and explain the program   to your family, friends, co-workers, teammates or anyone else that wants to be involved. To help them buy Basket (and support your group!):

  • Tell them WHY you are raising money for your fundraising cause
  • Show them all the great Chriso Baskets
  • Talk about easy budgeting and flexible payment options
  • Give them more free time... we deliver to their house just before Christmas!

They place their order, and will be given their own customer number for their account. When they place their order (via phone, mail or web ) they must give us your agent number for tracking. We take care of the details, and will deliver the Basket to their door just in time for the holiday season.

As the orders come in, you will earn up to 5% commission (see the chart above). Your commission adds up very quickly! Your fundraising amounts are paid out to your group in December for Christmas orders.

Just think - you aren't collecting any money from your customers, don't have to sort orders or make deliveries.   It's the easiest way to raise funds!   And remind everyone.... they will be paying 2015 prices for their 2016 Christmas groceries! It's Grocery Layaway! All the prices include taxes, and delivery to their door.

To get started,   just call us or send us an email with your group name, what you are raising funds for, a contact person, and all your contact details (including email phone numbers).   We will set you up as a fundraising group, and you will be on your way!  

Thank you for thinking of Chrisco for your fundraising efforts! Good luck!